My sister and I grew up making things. Our artist mother provided a world of creative freedom, so early on we learned to work without fear. As we grew older, we wanted to find something beautiful that we could make and sell to provide income for our growing families. After much trial and error, we finally stumbled upon the magic and comfort of old wool sweaters. We raided our closets, found some forgotten sweaters, and went to work. After days of cutting, pattern making, sewing, and re-sewing, we settled on our prototype, made a bunch of mittens, and had a sale with our friends. They LOVED them, and we sold out. That was 10 years ago, and we have been improv-ing and refining our product ever since to bring you the warmest and most beautiful winter favorites you have ever worn.

We try to make our products appealing to men and women. After all, everybody wants to be WARM, right? Our unique designs offer something for everyone. You'll find mittens that are retro, classic, colorful, plain, crazy, traditional, edgy, and sweet. Our cashmere neck warmers and infinity scarves are made from 100 percent recycled cashmere sweaters, so they're deliciously soft, cozy warm, and fit everyone who wants to stop the wind from blowing down their necks. We want to #spreadthewarmth around the world!


The LucyBlue studio is located in Wheaton, IL, about 25 miles west of Chicago. We hunt for our glorious sweaters all over the US.


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