Cashmere: From The Goat's Neck to Yours

September 4, 2017 Wendy Partain

Last week we shared with you why wool is our fiber of choice for our artisan mittens. We also shared what prompted our need for another fiber that could reused, recycled, and renewed. That searchled us to cashmere. As we created infinity scarves, neck warmers, and headbands, our primary reason for coopting it was its softness

Referred to as "spun gold," cashmere is made from the downy undercoat from the neck region of a cashmere goat. The natural shedding results in only about 5 ounces each year—making it a rare commodity like the precious metal.

Before the down can be spun into fibers, it must be separated from the hair of the goat, a process that can take up to two weeks for a skilled craftsman to complete with a comb after the goat is shorn. The wait is worth it, though: the unique fiber is strong, dense, and fine—typically between seven and 19 microns (wool averages 36 microns in diameter).​​

Because this resource is so valuable, it made perfect sense to us to give cast-off cashmere sweaters another life. All ofour cashmere products are hand selected at thrift stores and washed before we begin transforming them.

Cashmere's lightweight density and its ability to trap air in its hollow tubular fibers make it ideal for creating scarves and neck warmers—it's three times more insulating than wool! We use over FIVE FEET of cashmere in every infinity scarf!

The bottom line is this: If God made it good for the goat, it's only logical that it would be a great way to insulate ourdelicate necks as well! With proper care, cashmere will last a lifetime, so it's a great investment if you're always feeling the wind creeping down your neck during the winter.

Speaking of care, many think wool and cashmere are the same and believe cashmere must be dry cleaned in order to be kept in peak condition. That's not true. Cashmere—unlike wool—doesn't shrink when washed, and it doesn't felt. If your scarf or neck warmer absorbs sweat or becomes soiled with makeup or dirt, hand washing it in cold water to restore its original beauty.

In addition to our cashmere infinity scarves, we line our headbands with cashmere so that you have a second, luxurious layer of insulation closest to your skin. Our cashmere neck warmers require four feet—it's double layered—for the snuggliest warmth.

We'll be adding a tab on the website for the headbands and neck warmers soon, so stay tuned!

Remember, if it's good for the goat, it's good for you! Shop our infinity scarf gallerytoday and spread the warmth!