Checking Your Lists and Black Friday

Nov. 20, 2017 Wendy and Susie

It's that time again. By now, like us, you've made your list, and today you're checking it twice. You may be checking your packing listbecause you're about to jet off to some other part of the country to meet up with your family. You may be checking your grocery list because you're making new recipes this Thursday, and you don't want to make You may be so far ahead of the rest of us that you're checking your gift listto see who you have left to shop for for Christmas.  WHATEVER list you're checking, we hope you make some time to create a gratitude list for this year. It may be easy to list 10 things that make you drop to your knees in thankfulness, or this may have been the most challenging year of your life so far, and finding ONE thing to be thankful for seems daunting. We understand. ​​

We hope you'll hear the sincerity in our voices as you read these words. As we look back on 10 years of LucyBlue Knits, we know to our toes that LBK wouldn't have been successful without your enthusiastic support. 1. Thank you for encouraging two sisters who weren't really sure they were even friendsthat their dream of creating beautiful, useful products from recycled sweaters was just what you were looking for. 2. Thank you for telling your friends about our product line and buying what you love. #spreadthewarmth and #lucybluelove aren't just hashtags. They represent how we feel about what we make and the connection it provides us with you. 3. Thank you for your notes of gratitude! It's so wonderful to know how much the products mean to you as you use them daily. 4. Thank you for delighting and surprising us by leaving bags of wool sweaters on our doorstep! We've put them to good use. 5. Thank you for trusting us with your loved ones' sweaters to make keepsakes for you. We're honored to help you preserve someone's memory. 6. Thank you for your valuable advice about our website, our marketing, and for sharing product ideas with us. Keep it coming. Let's talk aboutBlack Friday—20% off EVERYTHING!!!

Why fight the crowds when you can shop in your pjs on your couch?Our sale will begin Friday at 12:01 am, and continue through 11:59 pm, Sunday. To thank you for your business, EVERYTHINGis 20 percent off! Use coupon code "black" to receive your discount. ALSO, everyone who orders Friday through Sunday will be entered into a drawing to win a free CASHMERE INFINITY SCARF($75 value)! Check in with us Monday, Nov. 27, on any of our social media platforms (FB: LucyBlueKnits and Instagram: @lucyblue.knits) for a separate Cyber Mondayspecial deal!  Finally, we want to share a very special recipe that you could add to your table this holiday season. It goes back four generations and comes from Susie's husband's grandmother, Verletta Cassel. She called it "filling," perhaps because it's cooked inside the bird—Susie's not really sure. The Cassel clan (that's Susie's daughter Olivia with Gramma) has been eating this every Thanksgiving and Christmas!

​​Gramma Verletta's Stuffing2–3 loaves bread (60 oz total) with crusts on, cut into ¾” to 1” cubes and put out to dry at least 24 hours (preferably 36 hours) on cookie sheets5 c. diced celery1.5 bunches parsley, finely minced in food processor 2 c. onion, finely minced in food processor2 sticks butter4 eggsRoughly 4–5 cups turkey stock plus a little extra in non-bird stuffing (can substitute chicken stock)2 t. marjoram2 t. thyme2 t. black pepper3 t. sageSalt to taste. If using canned chicken broth, go light on the salt or use none at all.

  1. Place bread cubes in very large pot or roasting pan.

  2. Melt better and saute celery and onion until slightly soft.

  3. Pour mixture over the bread and mix thoroughly.

  4. Beat the eggs with a whisk and pour over the bread mixture.

  5. Add stock to bread mixture, reserving some until after adding the spices.

  6. Add spices and mix well.

  7. Add as much of the remaining stock as you wish, keeping in mind that some of the stock will cook off.

Stuff the turkey and then place the remainder in a baking dish and bake at least 90 minutes at 350°. Keep it covered in aluminum foil for the first 45 minutes and then uncover. Add a little more stock to the stuffing NOT going in the bird to ensure it doesn't dry out. Happy Thanksgiving from LucyBlue Knits!