Contemplating Change in 2019

Editor's Note: The new year brings out the desire in many people to reboot their lives, resolving to change something for the better. I don't make New Year's resolutions because I don't like creating more pressure for myself, but Wendy and Sue have thought about what they'd like to bring to 2019. —Jenn

SUE: When Wendy suggested we write this post, I needed to reframe the idea of resolutions in my mind. I'm tired of making them and not keeping them, but I realized I could get excited about creating a goal with multiple facets and figuring out how to meet it. That might seem like semantics, but it helped me let go of the prospect of failure and embrace the possibility of progress.

I decided my word for the year is INTENTIONAL. I want my relationships to be impacted by what I learn about this word. I want to be willing to go deeper with friends. I want to go outside my comfort zone and invest in women my age and continue pouring into those younger than I am. I want to parent more intention-ally and see how being intentional could affect my relationship with my husband, Nate.

I want to find ways that fit my personality to pursue contemplation and sit in the tension of not being able to readily identify a solution, instead of moving on when "what to do" doesn't present itself immediately.

WENDY: Now that I'm an empty nester (or as much of one as a parent ever really is), I've given some thought to different aspects of my life and come up with some new things I'd like to bring to my life.

  • I'd like to find someone to mentor. Since I have more time and emotional energy in this new season, I'd like to invest in someone who's coming along behind me—perhaps a young mom.

  • I'd like to read more books. I think it's important to stay current as I get older, and reading broadens my horizons and gives me something to talk about and a way to connect with someone I may not otherwise. It's also a good escape while pursuing my next resolution.

  • I'd like to exercise more. Listening to books on Audible while I walk outdoors helps distract me from doing something that's less fun than sitting with a friend over cup of coffee. Exercise is no longer a means to keep my weight under control, but rather an important activity to help me age well. The better we care for our bodies after 50, the better our bodies will care for us.

  • As I focus on my physical health, I also know I need to eat more vegetables. I'm going to aim to try new foods each week in order to vary my meals. If any of you has a great recipe for preparing vegetables in a delicious way, please send them to me:

  • I'd like to invent and host an annual event. I'm not sure yet if it will coincide with a holiday or a season, but I like bringing people together. I want to create something that people look forward to each year. I'd also like to establish a new family tradition. I'd like to plan something that would give us a reason to gather some other time than the holidays. Again, if you have an annual event like this, please feel free to email me. I'd appreciate the inspiration.

  • I'd like to find a hobby my husband and I can share. After being married 33 years and raising five children, we need something new to do together!

  • Lastly, I was inspired by this online tip: turn your focus outward each day and find some small way to make a difference. The writer suggested it could be as simple as giving a compliment or writing a hand written thank-you note. I want to implement this practice in 2019.

LBK has goals for the year. Here are our top three:

  • We'd like to increase our online sales* so we can spend more time creating exceptional products and less time working holiday markets. To this end, we'd like to have 500 pairs ready to sell by August 1. *Every time you share your love for LBK with your friends and family on your social platforms you help us move toward this goal.

  • We'd like to hone our creativity to produce more unique, exceptional mittens and other products in order to rise above the competition.

  • We need to increase our production of cashmere neck wraps because we couldn't keep them in stock once we debuted them!

We hope this post inspires you to view differently the change that resolutions and goals can bring. Look for our posts about this on Facebook and Instagram and share your resolutions with us!