Freshen Laundry Naturally with Dryer Ball Bundles

Have you heard? Two weeks ago we released our newest addition to the LBK family of upcycled products: dryer balls! This week we're sharing more details about this new household item we developed after we asked our social media followers what we could do with our scrap wool. Your partnership with us means so much.

LBK dryer balls align with our business philosophy to reduce, reuse, recycle. In fact, they're doubly recycled, since we've already used the thrifted sweater once to create our signature outerwear!

Because we know most people use dryer sheets to reduce static and infuse their clothes and household items with a pleasant scent, we've partnered with a local supplier of Young Living Oils to make it easy for you to freshen your laundry using essential oils. Adding just 8–10 drops of essential oil to your dryer balls will naturally achieve the same effect as dryer sheets. (And, it will last several washings!)

We're offering three scent bundle options with a set of three dryer balls. The balls and a .5 ml bottle of Young Living essential oil of your choice will come packaged in a muslin drawstring bag.

  • Lavender bundle: $35 (a mild, pleasant, clean scent with floral, herbaceous, woodsy undertones)

  • Citrus Fresh bundle: $33 (a blend of orange, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon, and mandarin orange oils, and spearmint leaf extract)

  • Lemongrass bundle: $32 (a light, fresh, energizing citrus aroma with botanical, earthy undertones)

You can purchase these online at our website. They make great housewarming gifts!

Val, an early adopter of the dryer balls, provided us with some excellent feedback about her experience with them:

I’ve run loads of loads and they’ve held up just fine. Adding them to the load helps fluff stuff, and I enjoy being able to add a fragrance. As someone who doesn't have a 'steam/refresh' option on my dryer, being able to dampen them and add them to clothes to reduce wrinkles is also great.

Val discovered another big plus when researching other benefits of dryer balls. She shared with us that in addition to using them to keep items separated (which reduces dryer time), the increased lift helps the clothes release human and pet hair. If you own pets or have family members with long hair, you know what a struggle this is!

As you consider adding LBK's dryer balls to your laundry routine, here are few other facts:

  • Dryer balls do not harm the dryer (residue from dryer sheets remains on the dryer drum).

  • They're good for the environment because the balls are made from recycled materials

  • They're cost-effective because they're reusable for years.

  • They're safe for those with allergies or sensitive skin.

  • They work with your dryer to reduce static. (For best results, we recommend dampening them and drying clothes of the same fabrics together, e.g., cottons separate from synthetics.)

We'd love to hear from you about your experience with our dryer balls. Leave a comment for us on the socials (@lucy_blue.knits on Instagram and LucyBlueKnits on Facebook).