Meet Jenn, Resident Wordsmith

October 15, 2018 Susie Cassel

There's a popular saying that goes something like this: Teamwork makes the dream work. While Wendy and I work together to create the products, we have some help with other aspects of LucyBlue Knits, specifically this blog. Today we'd like you to meet the "silent" member of our team, our longtime friend, Jenn Nahrstadt. She ghostwrites our blog.

Jenn and I (Susie) met in 1989. Jenn had moved to Wheaton to take a job as a journalist after graduating from Taylor University. We had a mutual friend who also needed to share rent, so the three of us lived in an apartment for a short time. The friend moved to China to teach English, and she and I both married.

Our friendship became more daily several years later when we began walking together while pregnant with our firstborns, Karl and Michael (the cuties with the pumpkins circa 1996). Over the course of the next decade, Jenn met the rest of the family, becoming best acquainted with Wendy and our mom. She was an early supporter of our joint efforts, attending the annual bazaar we held to sell our handcrafted items. We did life together until 2006, when Jenn and her family moved to Georgia for her husband's work. She received a pair of mitts from our prototype batch in 2007 when she came back to IL to visit during the holidays.

Jenn's ability to write and edit is an extension of her personality. Outgoing and inquisitive, she loves sharing long, meaningful conversations with friends, during which asks lots of questions and collects details from the stories they share. Doing so helps her understand them, remember important dates, and care about what matters to them.

Jenn is a detail-oriented perfectionist, and she sees editing an opportunity to organize words and thoughts into engaging, effective, thought-provoking communication. That's why we approached her to work with us to shape our message about LucyBlue. She's also a word nerd. Two years ago she kept a list on her phone of interesting words and their definitions that she discovered in books she read.

Jenn is married to Bob, her "Sweet Face" for the past 28 years. They have one son, Michael, who married Sarah in 2016. Now she has a daughter! The Nahrstadts are longtime dog lovers—another thing we have in common—and their latest dog, Dakota, came into their life in 2014 when a friend found her wandering her neighborhood. (Dakota was an avid product tester of a dog toy we made available for a limited time last year.)

Another reason we get along great with Jenn is that she's a food lover. Although she had little knowledge of how to cook when she left home, she now loves making meals from scratch and trying new recipes. In 2012, she decided to try the then-new Paleo approach, and found she could survive without dairy, sugar, and grains for 30 days while completing a Whole30. (Chocolate was very hard to give up, because she worked at our local gourmet chocolate shop at the time.)

Since then, she has continued to adapt her meals to provide flavorful options within these parameters. Most recently, she altered her meal planning in order to create dishes in accordance with the Keto diet. This helped Bob reverse a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes in just three months!

We hope you've enjoyed meeting Jenn. Although she only needs her LBK gear a few months of the year, she's a proud supporter of us and the business and a valued member of our team.