Origin Story #2: Wendy

July 24, 2017

As you read in our first Origin Story about my mom, my childhood was filled with creative experiences and opportunities. My journey to the full-time, artistic work I share with Susie through LucyBlueKnits took a different route than I anticipated. In fact, I didn't set out to be a working artist. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. My college degree is in exercise physiology, but when I became a mother, I wanted to find a way to generate income from home. I began apprenticing in Mom's banner business in my 20's, and struck out on my own in my 30's. Mom taught me about the beauty of fabrics, their composition, textures, and properties. I learned how to integrate colors and shapes and use words as art to construct huge banners that not only were beautiful to look at, but infused with meaning. Banner work was satisfying but stressful. My clients were exacting, and the work felt like preforming rather than creating. When Susie and I started LucyBlueKnits, I felt myself exhale. No longer working under a critical eye, I was free to create any design I chose. In fact, designing is my favorite part of creating mittens. (Heather's Hug, Blue Slushie, and Cliffs of Moherare my current favs.) The beauty of the wool, its textures and patterns, and the often surprising way color combinations emerge in the studio keep me excited to continue experimenting as we make our products. Every day, my work as an artistic entrepreneur is confirmed by the process. ​​M

Family is as deeply woven into the fabric of my life as art. My husband Dave and I will celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary this summer. We have five children who we consider sweet gifts from the Lord. Parenting them has been much like creating art: each one requires our best effort, focused energy, and greatest creativity. We wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Hailey, our firstborn, is strong, funny, and kind, A wonderful wife and mother to her two darling little ones (yes, I'm biased!), she and her husband Matt live in Chicago. 

  • Luke, thoughtful and compassionate since childhood, now has his MSW and will begin working with the underprivileged in Kansas City after he completes a three-week trek on the Camino de Santiago in Spain.  

  • Gabenever stopped moving as a child, and still carries the intensity of a warrior into everything he does. He will begin a marketing job after he finishes up his undergraduate studies. He is engaged to be married next June.  

  • Max is the embodiment of energy, passion, creativity, and joy. He is a film major, and hopes to make documentaries and edit films. He brings fun and laughter to all who know him.

  • Quinn, our youngest, has a strong sense of justice and always looks out for the underdog. He will finish his senior year of high school this fall, and then fly the coop the following year to play soccer in college, following in the footsteps of three of his siblings and his brother-in-law.  

​​Our dog Juno is part Newfoundland and part Poodle. She has the brain of a Newfy (small) and the energy of a poodle (big), but we love her. A perfect moment for me is sitting on my porch couch on a rainy day, drinking coffee andand eating blueberry muffins with a dear friend. Our conversation is rich and my dog is curled in the crook of my knee.