Our Favorite Christmas Movies

While some of you believe this is the "most wonderful time of the year," we play a classic, black and white Christmas movies all year long to make our workdays "merry and bright." Seriously, whether it's May, July, or November, we'll use one from our list of favorites as a soundtrack for us while we sew. Why?

Well, we're not rule followers, and we truly love them, so why not? We thought you might enjoy some recommendations in this category, so here are ours and a little insight into why we watch them over and over again.

Let's start with White Christmas. This year we're especially fond of this classic because our local Christian high school put it on last weekend and gave us an opportunity to supply the cast with mittens for the performances!

We also sold mittens during intermission. It was a great way to support our alma mater and give folks a chance to #shopsmall and #shoplocal.

A plot note:

Aren't those Haynes sisters (Ellen-Rae and Rosemary Clooney) something?

Another favorite is It Happened on Fifth Avenue, from 1947. This lesser-known movie tells the story of a homeless veteran who moves into a mansion while the owners are wintering elsewhere. Eventually, the owner hears about it and . . . you'll have to watch it for yourself to find out what happens. But, trust us, it's a good one about how we're all connected and how observing joy and goodness in others can soften a hard heart. Available on YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google Play, and iTunes.

Christmas in Connecticut is a fun story. In the scene pictured at left, we wait for the moment when Elizabeth Lane realizes she's falling in love with the sailor at the piano. There's a darling twinkle in her eye that makes us melt. And the sleigh ride at the end is to die for!

Holiday Inn and White Christmas were filmed on the same set and share Bing Crosby as their leading man. The amazing costumes inspire our imagination, since they appear intricately made and must be colorful—even though we've never seen the colorized version. The dancing is also mesmerizing and our favorite song is, "Be Careful, It's My Heart."

Although It's A Wonderful Life is probably everyone's favorite, we have to have it on our list because we love its "don't give up" message. Zuzu's curls remind Susie of two of her kids when they were little. For many of you it's probably just as much of a family tradition as it is in our homes.

We hope you'll take some time to enjoy one of these sometime this Christmas season. If you have other black-and-white Christmas classics you think we should know about, leave a comment on social media or send us an email. One Final Note: We can tell you love our products. They're being snatched up as fast as we can post them on the site! In order to ensure you'll receive your purchases in time to put them under your tree, place your order by THIS Saturday, Dec. 15. Don't miss out—shop now!