Sacred Thrifting: A Christmas Story

This past week we went thrifting for sweaters. That's nothing new. It's how we source the wool and cashmere for our handmade items. But what is new is how we've come to view the time we spend culling through racks and racks of sweaters.

The places we visit aren't special. In fact, some of them are dark and a little scary. Not many would go there looking for something spectacular. In fact, the reason the sweaters are there is because they've lost what made them beautiful in the first place. Some are stained or have holes in them, and our paths cross because their original owner decided they were no longer good enough.

As we're looking through others' discards, sometimes it's hard for us to see a sweater's potential. Even though we're not sure, most often we take the "damaged good" home to see what might happen. We wash it, dry it, and cut away the parts that deemed it unusable so we can refashion it into something unique, beautiful—one of a kind and full of renewed purpose.

This Christmas, you may feel a bit like a thrifted sweater. You may think no one sees you as you hang there in the dark. You may feel the world can't see past your stains, your holes, the way your life has unraveled. You may believe no one thinks you have potential to become something beautiful again.

We understand. We've felt that way ourselves.

This season is our favorite time of year—and we want you to know that God sees you much like we see every thrifted sweater. He knows the stories behind all the stains and holes in your life—how you've told yourself you're beyond hope. The truth is, He sees you as precious, valuable, and worthy of rescuing from that dark place you've been living. He came into the darkness of this world specifically to bring you out into His marvelous light. Jesus came looking for you to tell you that He can redeem you and make your life beautiful. That's the true meaning of Christmas, and it's one of the reasons why we do what we do. Jesus redeemed each of us for a beautiful purpose, and by repurposing sweaters, Sue and I share His redemption story with you.