The hunt for the perfect fingerless glove

This seems like a simple task, right? Well, we have been trying to design a warm and comfortable pair of fingerless gloves for years. We started with upcycled wool from sweaters, like the wool we use for all our mittens. But we found the wool scratchy and too thick—two things you do not want in fingerless gloves.  

Then we moved to cashmere, the magic fiber! It's lightweight, surprisingly warm, thin enough to slip under a coat cuff, and luxuriously soft. However, it has been a huge challenge to figure out how to fashion a well-crafted hole for the thumb. We experimented with a pattern that didn't have one, and wouldn't you know—it's awesome! You can easily slide them over your fingers when needed, layer them underneath our mitts for additional warmth for your wrists while you're active, and they can be pushed up your hands when you need more dexterity than gloves or mittens would allow. Lately we have had several people tell us they prefer this version. In fact, one dear friend sang our praises because she finally has a glove that fits over her wrist splint.  

At LucyBlue, we are never satisfied until a challenge is met. As of this week, we have mastered a wonderful fingerless glove with a thumb hole!

We will have several on our website in our Cashmere Collection, but if you come to our first show of the season this week in Elmhurst, IL, you can try them on and choose from a HUGE selection.