We Asked, You Answered: LBK Wool Dryer Balls!

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

When we posted this picture on social media in January and asked how you thought we could upcycle these scraps, the response we liked most was "make dryer balls." (We do have a winner to our contest and will be announcing that soon. Stay tuned!)

We did our research, made some prototypes, and today we are pleased to announce the addition of wool dryer balls to the LucyBlue Knits online store!

What are dryer balls and why do you need some? Let's start with the basics. They're balls of felted wool left over from wool sweaters. We have a never-ending supply of that! Because we care about the planet, we wanted to rescue products that would otherwise end up in landfills. Making dryer balls from our leftovers helps us further reduce textile waste. It's a WIN-WIN!

Dryer balls are a great addition to your laundry routine because they reduce clothes drying time by 30 to 50 percent! How do they do that?

  • As they are tossed around in your dryer with your clothes, they create space between your garments. Think of them as natural fluffing agents!

  • They absorb some of the dampness in the clothing.

  • They reduce static cling naturally, allowing you to eliminate dryer sheets, which become landfill waste after a single use. (Spraying them with water eliminates static by increasing the humidity in the dryer. It didn't increase our drying times at all, since clothes aren't as dense as the balls.)

  • They allow you to scent your clothing naturally by spraying them with essential oils. Our friend and fellow local female business owner, Meg Cockle, can tell you which scents will be best for your laundry.

We construct each ball by hand by taking scraps and wrapping them tightly with 100 percent wool yarn. Then they're placed inside pantyhose to help them keep their shape while we wash them in hot soapy water to felt the exterior yarn to create a dense ball about the size of a baseball.

Each ball should last two or three years, and the gas and electricity you'll save by reducing your drying times creates significant savings for a small investment. We think the result is beautiful and practical, and we hope you feel a sense of ownership in them. After all, you helped us solve our waste problem and create a fantastic product! We're excited to get them into your homes so you can tell us know how they change your laundry life! Each ball is approximately 3 inches in diameter and sells for $7. We recommend adding three balls to any large load. Find them here in our online shop!