Our headbands are made from soft jersey fabric that has a bit of stretch to it, so it stays on your head but isn't too tight. You will find them very comfortable and a huge help for all day mask wear. Purchase one for yourself or for a brave and hardworking healthcare or essential worker that you know. If you want to donate them to a hospital or clinic, message us the address and how many you would like sent there in the checkout section. We will add a note saying they have been donated from you, and will get them in the mail ASAP.

** Covid19 has affected postal service quality and speed. We mail the headbands out the day we get your order, but it is possible that it will take longer than normal for you to receive it. We apologize for this glitch. Let us know if you have not received it after 10 days. We will attempt to track it then. Thanks! Thank you for being part of making Covid19 a little more bearable. #inthistogether




Button Headband (for Ear Protection with Masks)

Width: 3 inches
  • These headbands are machine washable & dryable. However, as healthcare workers know, this may mean daily washings to cleanse the possibility of virus contamination.  If washing daily, air dry after washing to prolong it's quality.  Thank you for your service!