Frequently asked questions

Can I wash my mittens and scarves?

Like any wool product, you have to be careful, because the washing process may change the look or size. We recommend spot cleaning first. We have also had great success washing the mitts and scarves in a gentle cold cycle, reshaping them on a flat surface, and air-drying them.

What if I need a better look at the product before I buy?

Email us the name and description of the product, and we will send you a few more pics to help you decide.

How do I decide which mitten SIZE will fit me best?

We have a page dedicated to sizing. Visit here:

Do you take custom orders?

Yes, we do provide a special service where we use your sweater to make a priceless gift. We also do custom projects for your favorite teams and custom group orders. If you're interested in learning more or have a custom order ready, visit our custom projects page and fill out the form.

How did LucyBlue Knits get its name?

My sister and I are dog lovers. So, when it came time to name our company, our pups naturally popped up. At the time, she had a huge English Mastiff named Lucy, and I had a huge French Mastiff named Blue. Thus, LucyBlue materialized. We love that many of our clients are dog walkers. They've told us that our mitts keep their hands warmer on their long walks than any other mittens they've tried. That makes us very happy!