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Warmth Reimagined...


Protecting yourself from the cold is an absolute must. 

We know how it feels to stress about taking your pup for a walk or sitting through that soccer game or tackling that two mile hike. Freezing hands and fear of frostbite is no way to live through the winter months. That’s why we make the warmest winter gear you can find south of the Arctic Circle (because let’s be honest the folks living there definitely have things figured out at a whole other level). 

And who doesn’t want to look great while staying warm?


Is there a better winter fashion feeling than when functionality and beauty come together? Not only are LucyBlue products toasty warm, but they’re also one-of-a-kind; each being carefully designed through an eco-friendly repurposing process. We love staying warm and looking great. Now you can too.


What was that about eco-friendly?


Caring for the environment often feels overwhelming. We get it. It’s hard to know where to start or how to make a difference… but we can all make small choices everyday. You can read all about our sweater repurposing process by clicking the button below. But for now, know that when you purchase from LucyBlue you are helping reduce garment waste.


"The winter has been brutal in Pennsylvania. They are my go-to mittens – the WARMEST!"



IMG_9064 2_edited.jpg

"I wore my new Hawkeye mittens for about 90 minutes tonight. It was 10°. They are super warm!"



IMG_0834 2.heic

"LucyBlue kept my hands toasty warm on my -14° walk around camp to my meeting this morning."



Staying warm this winter is easy.

Find your favorite mittens, scarf, or headband.

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Add them to your cart and checkout.


Stay warm and look great all winter.

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