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Inspired by 'hygge' and #spreadthewarmth

Inspiration is all around us—we find it in magazines, in nature, and in fashion—how they spark our creativity! Our inspiration also has its roots in "hygge." Let us explain.

Hygge, pronounced "heurgha," is a Danish term which unofficially defines the nation's zeitgeist. Detailed in this very interesting article by Helen Russell, hygge is, among other things, "taking pleasure from the presence of gentle, soothing things." Our motto #spread the warmth is our attempt to bring a little hygge to everyday living.

Here are some of our products designed to #spreadthewarmth in your life and bring hygge to your world.


Scarves and mittens go together like black dresses and high heels. Creating a woolly scarf wasn't as easy as we thought. Long, short, wide, or thin—although warm and water repelling, all were itchy, which nobody wanted around their neck. Lined with fleece, it was too thick. We were forced to rethink everything.

We wanted a solution that would align with our recycle, reuse, renew philosophy. Then we remembered all the cashmere sweaters we would pass over while thrifting for wool! Cashmere's soft, lightweight, washable—and, above all, not itchy!—fiber was ideal. Try our infinity scarves, headbands, and neck warmers!


LBK's newest product was our response to sobs from many of our customers:

"My dog chewed my mitten!"

Dogs love wool! As dog owners, we understood the need for a really good, sturdy chew toy.

As we began to think about what we could offer specifically for dogs, our shelves provided inspiration.

Not every sweater felts like we need it to, resulting in wool too thick for mittens. Not wanting to throw away what we knew could have a purpose, we found the perfect material for our doggie chew toy! The density provides the lasting durability, and with a repurposed water bottle inside for crackle—viola! As you can see, Susie's puppy Nellie is smitten! Click here to get one for your four-legged friend. They measure 8.5"x4.5".


It's very important to us that we use as many of the scraps of wool that remain from making mittens. We love Christmas, so we decided to make a colorful garland for trees. The nine feet of sweater circles has multiple home decor applications: trees, chandeliers, doorways, or wreaths.

We've also sold dozens as colorful, playful, unique scarves—it's truly multi-functional and fashionable!

(This is a seasonal item. If you'd like to preorder one, please send us an email with your contact information.)

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