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New Year, New Products Coming!

Some folks don't, but I love New Year's resolutions. I see them as a chance to start over, turn my focus away from the past, and look forward to the hope of something better. Yes, I am focusing on eating better and getting into an exercise routine.

Susie and I are doing the same with Lucy Blue Knits. We've sat down and looked at what worked last year and what wasn't as successful as we wanted it to be. We've evaluated our participation in different markets and have decided to search for new customers. And we've determined to create new offerings that align with our philosophy of recycle, reuse, renew. Here's what's coming in 2018 for us:

We're going to make some changes to the website. Every Monday you can expect to see 10 new pairs of mitts for sale. In order to make room, we'll rotate 10 pairs off the site and they won't be available there again. Keep watching these weekly posts (or sign up here to receive our weekly email updates)—for the debut of this

We're going to concentrate on CASHMERE. As we extolled its attributes last fall in a blog post, we love the beauty and warmth of the fiber and want to

#sharethewarmth with more people by diversifying our product offerings. If you received Christmas money and you're not sure where to spend it, our 100 percent cashmere neck warmers and infinity scarves are a delightful way to enjoy this lightweight, luxuriously soft, insulation at a very reasonable price. It's not getting any warmer for a few more months! With the cold that has the country in its grip, we think everyone could benefit from adding these winter accessories to your wardrobe.

For those of you who can be patient, we're going to create some new products! We're in the design phase for a broad scarf, kinda like a small shawl, that you can wrap around your neck and shoulders under your coat. We're thinking it will be approximately 12"x48" of pure cashmere goodness. Stay tuned! We hope it provides a different option for those who already love our infinity scarf.

If you have our mittens and our neck warmer and our infinity scarf, what other accessory is left to warm? YOUR HEAD! We're excited to announce we'll begin offering hats for next season. We're envisioning soft, simple 100 percent cashmere caps that you can tuck in your purse or pocket and pull out to brace yourself against the cold. We're also designing wool hats lined with fleece. These will be a bit thicker and warmer than the cashmere caps for those who spend longer periods working, exercising, and playing in the great outdoors.

Finally, we're going to change up our holiday market schedule, and we need your help! We'll continue to participate in the Elmhurst Wilder Mansion sale and our own Merriest Market, but we'd like to add several new venues to the docket. We're looking into a sale or two in Chicago as well as the Christkindlmarket in Oakbrook. If you know of a great market or craft fair, please send us an email at with the name of the event and anything else you know about it! We know our customers are "in the know" about where to shop for unique, high-quality, handmade products, or you wouldn't be LBK fans.

With 10 years behind us, we're looking forward to making 2018 the beginning of the next decade of excellence for LBK. Thanks for your enthusiasm and support.

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