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Cold Hands, Warm Heart? Not with LucyBlue Mittens!

We're just two short weeks away from Valentine's Day, and in honor of the holiday, we've added a baker's dozen of red, pink, and purple mittens for you to use to shower the people you love with #lbklove!

You'll notice each pair of mitts has a name. I'll share a little bit of how each came to have its name, and you can decide which pair would be a perfect way for you to #sharethewarmth of your love in the midst of this extra cold winter!

Sweetheart: (left) With two appliquéd hearts adorning the topside of this set, the name for this pair was easy. Your sweetheart will be reminded of your love for her every time she wears them! (Click on the picture to purchase from the shop.)

Charlene: (right) When a mitten design doesn't remind me of something, I often look at them and ask myself if they remind me of a person. These remind me of Susie's dear mother-in-law, and thus this namesake pair. If you're looking for a pair for a special someone, ask yourself what her favorite color is, or what kind of patterns she wears often—plaid, stripes, solids; bold, bright colors, or subdued, soft pastels. (Click on picture to purchase from the shop.)

(left) If your Valentine loves sweets but is watching her sugar intake, these might be just the sweets she'd appreciate! They remind me of the shelves of brightly colored candies, so I named Candy Shop! (Click on picture to purchase from the shop.)

This next pair (right) reminded my youngest son, Quinn, of the circus, thus the name Barnum&Bailey! Could these be a great memento of a special date you plan for your special someone this Valentine's Day? I think these would be a unique way to package tickets to The Greatest Showman. (Click on picture to purchase from the shop.)

Instead of giving a bouquet of flowers that will fade, mittens with flowers (right) have the power to cheer up many a dreary, winter day! With their spunky bursts of red and white and all-red palms that shout "MY LOVE FOR YOU IS LOUD AND PROUD!" i named them Flower Power. (Click on picture to purchase from the shop.)

Purple is the royal alternative to all the red and pink of Valentine's Day, and if you live in the Chicagoland area, you know there's a train line with this same name that takes you to the northern suburbs. I named these Purple Line (below) because I take that train line when I go see my daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren. If your loved one commutes by train for work or play or just loves purple, these mitts would be very welcome. Winter ain't for sissies! (Click on picture to purchase from the shop.)

Speaking of my one and only son-in-law, Matt's favorite color is RED. I'm not over-stating it when I say he LOVES LOVES LOVES it in all its forms. If your man loves red, shares Matt's name, or needs a pair he can't misplace, choose Matt's Mitt (above) for his Valentine gift this year. (Click on picture to purchase from the shop.)

Got a outdoors-loving guy in your life? He'll appreciate the manly plaid (right) of these mittens. No froufrou name for these! Click on picture to order Red Plaid for your

ruggedly handsome, bold man. These are size medium. Please check our sizing chart to make sure these will fit your man's hands.

Some loves are classic, like fine china. This gorgeous pair reminded me of a wedding china pattern, and mine was named Anysley. But that's where the comparison ends. These mittens are much sturdier than china and will serve your loved one for decades to come. (Click on either picture to purchase from the shop.)

For MORE unique mittens for your "one and only," check out the rest of the newest additions to our mitten gallery. In order to guarantee delivery in time for Valentine's Day, please place your order by Monday, Feb. 5.

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