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Don't Take our Word for it: Customer Raves!

As the one who receives the mail and responds to all inquiries, it has been a wonderful surprise to find in my inbox thank you notes from customers. That you would take the time to let us know how your LucyBlue purchase made you feel and how it works in your life is very meaningful to us. It helps us know that what we're doing is not only helpful, but useful as you go about your day. It also inspires us to do our best creative work to create more unique products with you in mind.

Today, I thought we'd share some feedback you've graciously provided us.

I truly wish everyone would buy a pair of mittens from LucyBlue. They are the warmest mittens I have ever had, and one pair is more adorable than the other. They are the finest quality and last forever. We need more local businesses like LucyBlue.


I get many compliments but, more importantly, they are warm and toasty!

Thanks so much.


Hi Ladies. Just a quick note to tell you how much I LOVE my mittens. I purchased them at the Wilmette market because I thought they were so great looking, but I never expected them to be my go-to mittens on a day like today—it is 1 degree right now! Thank you!


It’s a frigid, 8-degree day in Boston, but I’m toasty warm

in my new Lucy Blue headband!


Thank you so much for your high quality items . . . and look for my future online orders to be shipped to Colorado!

I LOVE the mittens. They are beautiful and the packaging is awesome. Can't wait to budget these for gifts next year. Maybe might get my mom a pair this year . . .


Hello, LucyBlue Knits. I saw your mittens at the Wheaton College Bookstore last week and bought a pair. I would like to buy 6 more pairs. I want to buy them for my friends at the school where I work . . . I love the quality of the mittens. Thanks!


Taking new mittens and headband to Colorado! Love your work! Thank you!

My name is Amy C. and I am Madelyn F.'s daughter. You recently made a bunch (21 to be exact) of perfect little pairs of mitten ornaments for my mom (Madelyn). I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for using your talents to create such a beautiful and memorable keepsake for us all.

The passing of my Aunt Marilyn has been very difficult for us all, and it is so wonderful to have a little tangible piece of her to hold on to. She had an incredibly creative soul and would have absolutely loved these. Thank you again.


We'd love to hear what you have to say about any LucyBlue item you've purchased. If you have a LucyBlue story we need to know, please email us at lucyblueknits@ to all who so enthusiastically support this business and us as artisans. We're looking forward to bringing more uniquely recycled products to you this spring! Be on the lookout for their release! For now, enjoy perusing the shop to see if we have your new mitts, headband, neck warmer, infinity scarf, or dog toy for your favorite canine.

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