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New Views from the Studio

Come on in! Take a seat. Welcome to the Studio. LucyBlue Knits operates in the basement of our dad's house, just through the fence from my (Wendy) house.(You may have seen the entrance in last week's Instagram video. If not, follow us @lucyblue.knits!) He still lives in the house Sue and I grew up in, and he joins us here most mornings with a cup of coffee and a list of questions about our kids while we start our work day. This area of the basement was our mom's art studio. Her artwork hangs everywhere and inspires us.

Just behind the chairs is where we do all our sewing. The only windows in the studio are in this corner, and our eyes need all the natural light they can get as we stitch and match patterns to create our one-of-a-kind mittens.

We added some more storage space (the shelves of bins encroaching on our sitting area in the first picture and the shelved hutch behind our desk)—LBK is growing! On the map we keep track of every town and state where someone has purchased a pair of LBK mittens. We're only missing 11 states, so watch for a special coupon promotion this season so we can put a pin in those!

We've been working like busy beavers all summer, so our shelves are FULL of mitten "kits," ready to be sewn and assembled. We repurposed a shower curtain with storage pockets to better store and keep track of the online mittens. When you buy a pair from our online shop, all we have to do is pick 'em and ship 'em!

Before they're transformed into mittens, the sweaters we've felted are stacked by color families. Above the cutting table is our supply of t-shirts. Did you know we have short- and long-sleeved LBK shirts? Get yours today and tag us on social media when you represent!

Thanks for stopping by! If you're in town, ping us and you can shop our collection in person and take a pair home! We hope seeing our creative space inspires you to call a family member you haven't spoken to in a while, write a note to a friend, bake some cookies for your new neighbor, or invite a hurting friend to go on a walk. Your expression of kindness will make someone's life more beautiful today.

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